Give a new life to your old phone.

Discover the app who turns your old phone into a Free Home Security Camera.

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Easy, thrifty and ecofriendly.

Rather than spending a bunch of money by purchasing a home security camera device, opt for a thrifty and eco friendly solution with Cawice :

  • No external device purchase
  • Ready to use within 2 mins
Amazing features

Like a real one.

Cawice includes the same functionality as a home security camera that you might buy in a conventional store.

Live Video Streaming

Monitor in real time what is happening at home remotely from your device.

Video Recording

Automatically capture events in videos when motion or sound are detect.

Smart Detectors

Cawice makes the difference between an intruder and your baby or pet.


Scare away the curious with the triggering of the automatic siren alarm.

Instant Alerts

Receive instantly an alert on your device when motion or sound are detect.


Share the access to your home security camera with your family or friends.

Easy setup.

Download the app on your device and on the old phone you want to use as a security camera then logging in with the same Google account.

Your old phone will be turn into a Home Security Camera and your device will be use as Viewer to remotely control your new security camera.
By logging in with the same Google account (eg: into the application on your device and your old phone, Cawice will create a secure connection then automatically pair your devices.

Your privacy first.

With Peer 2 Peer technology, you are the only one who can watch the video stream from your phone security camera. It's 100% private !

Unlike traditional video surveillance systems where the video stream from your camera passes through a company's server before you can watch it, Cawice uses the Peer 2 Peer connection which consists of transmitting the video stream directly from your security camera phone to your device without going through a server. There is therefore no intermediary who can have access to the stream of your security camera.
Manual photo and video captured when you're watching live your security camera are store locally on your device. As for the video recordings captured automatically following detections, these are stored in your Google Drive Cloud account. Again, you are the only person who has access to them.
Installations ideas

Make your own one !

On the entryway cabinet, the top of the living room shelf or in the baby's room, it's up to you to find the right place for your new home security camera !


Accessories Pack

Discover three essentials smartphone's accessories to upgrade your new phone security camera.

  • Flexible Tripod for smartphone
  • Lens Wide Angle + Fisheye + Macro
  • USB Cable Extension 1 meter

And you, do you have an old phone at home ?

And you, do you have an old phone at home ?